CT Premier Water Polo Club is now a 6-8 Sports Partner Club

Bringing Expert Insight to Your Daily Training

As a 6-8 Sports partner club, CT Premier Water Polo uses data from the 6-8 Challenge, a series of individual skills assessments, and the 6-8 Game Desk, both designed by U.S. Olympians Tony Azevedo and Maggie Steffens, to help players, coaches and parents better understand what the individual and team strengths, and more importantly weaknesses, are. With that information, practice plans are developed in consultation with the 6-8 Sports team to address all aspects of the game while also helping each athlete focus on the areas that need more attention.

6-8 Challenge

What do you need to be a great water polo player? The 6-8 Challenge is a series of 7 skills assessments that measure fundamental water polo skills for field players and goalies. Designed by U.S. Olympians Tony Azevedo and Maggie Steffens, the Challenge gives players an objective look at their strengths and, more importantly, their weaknesses so they can tailor their training to improve their overall water polo game.

6-8 Game Desk

There’s so much more to a player than how many goals they score. Understanding all the other facets of the game that a player brings is hard to quantify, until now. The 6-8 Game Desk tracks player and team stats to give players, coaches and parents a better understanding of how each athlete contributes in the pool, and where they can improve.

Athlete Analysis & Training Support

Now that I see where I am, what do I do to get better? On an individual and team level, CT Premier Water Polo and 6-8 Sports will use insights gained from the 6-8 Challenge and Game Desk to design training plans that address areas in need of attention. Players can also access the 6-8 Skills Improvement Series which demonstrates ways to improve their skills no matter what level they are at.

About Tony Azevedo and Maggie Steffens

Tony Azevedo #8


5-time Olympian. Silver medalist. 4-time MVP NCAA/Pete Cutino Award winner. International superstar. Regarded by many as the best water polo player of all time. Former Team USA Captain and key member of professional squads in Italy, Croatia, Montenegro & Brazil. Stanford BS & Harvard MS. 

Maggie Steffens #6


2-time Olympian; 2-time Gold medalist; 3-time NCAA Champion. Named the best female water polo player in the world by FINA. Played professionally in Hungary & Spain. Current Team USA Olympic Captain. Stanford MS & BS.